You may think I’m somebody.
I just look the part because I’m wearing a suit.  But
I’m actually a nobody
on my way to a funeral.
Where I’m going, the guest of honor is somebody
who used to be a nobody like me.
But today he’s the guest of honor.  So
he gets to be somebody today.
And he’ll look the part because he’ll be wearing a suit.

Afterward I guess he’ll still be wearing his suit.
As for me, I’ll put my suit away
for when I need it.  After all
someday I’ll be somebody.

(Mike Cohen – Sept 2016)


Images by Rene Magritte, verse by Mike Cohen

            IDEAS JUST COME   

Ideas just come, and I almost could swear –
though they enter my mind, they don’t start out in there.
Ideas just come, and I can’t tell from where.

Ideas just come; and this much I can say:
They aren’t from outer space,
but from so much nearer and further away –
from somewhere that isn’t a place.

They come in a torrent, they come in an ooze,
in fragments or fully intact,
erhaps from that extra-proverbial Muse
or something at least as abstract.

They come crashing like a waterfall
or shushing like a stream.
They don’t come running when I call,
but sometimes, when I dream…

They make me loquacious and then strike me dumb
so I cannot seem to express
hat may be their source.  I just know that they come
and I know nothing more, nothing less.

Ideas just come and then disappear
back to somewhere that isn’t a place.
And if you don’t seize them the moment they’re here
they’ll be gone without leaving a trace.

(Mike Cohen – c. 1999)



Things seem to keep happening
faster and faster.
That’s the nature of now.
The present zips by
at the speed of time, in a blur
that does not resolve itself until it’s too late
to do anything but watch it recede
into the layered still-lives of memory.
Nothing is as swift as the present.
The future keeps you waiting.
The past keeps you wondering.
The present doesn’t keep at all.
It has no shelf-life, no duration, nothing but its own immediate mortality.
It is and was in one unlasting sentence.
So there you are and were.

(Mike Cohen – Apr 2016)