Things seem to keep happening
faster and faster.
That’s the nature of now.
The present zips by
at the speed of time, in a blur
that does not resolve itself until it’s too late
to do anything but watch it recede
into the layered still-lives of memory.
Nothing is as swift as the present.
The future keeps you waiting.
The past keeps you wondering.
The present doesn’t keep at all.
It has no shelf-life, no duration, nothing but its own immediate mortality.
It is and was in one unlasting sentence.
So there you are and were.

(Mike Cohen – Apr 2016)


This is written as an after-death poem,
although no one really knows what that’s like –
not even the “omniscient narrator”…

Long after the engine has cooled
the sense of motion stays with you.
Eyes closed, yet you still see
the road winding about,
the hills rolling on,
the trees blurring by.
You’re going nowhere
but going just the same.
There is no destination.
There is no Point B.
There is no finish line.  And
there is no stopping you now.

(Mike Cohen – Jan 2015) 






                       WORKING THINGS                  

When you get it working you are happy to make
something function, to take
the inanimate and have it dancing in your hand.

Life loves to bring things to life,
to have them join the ranks of those that go
stirring, lurching, churning, whirring, working. 

But all things working –
the gadgets, the gizmos, the contrivances,
the galaxy, the tide, your heart –
all working things
do eventually

                   (Mike Cohen – Dec  2005)


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