If you believe me
you accept what I say
because you think it is the truth.

If you trust me
you accept what I say
whether you think it is the truth or not.

If you have faith in me
I don’t have to say anything at all.

Belief is for now, trust is for long, faith is forever.  The catch is that nothing is forever.  So let’s just go for trust.

 (Mike Cohen – Apr 2014)




Life is only as good as you think it is.
And if you think it is, you may just
be fooling yourself.
And if you think it isn’t, you may just
as well take up fooling yourself
because life is only as good as you think it is.                                                                                     

It’s not what you know that matters.  It’s what you think.   So…


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It is written, or at least it is said,
that if you sin in your heart, that is to say, if you sin in your mind
(your heart being too busy pumping the blood about to indulge in such diversions as sin),
that thinking about doing something bad
is as sinful as doing it. 

But if we are to feel as guilty for our evil thoughts
as we are for our evil deeds,
why then should we not get full credit
for thinking about doing good deeds?
Haven’t we all done wonderful things in our hearts,
that is to say, in our minds? 
Why, just yesterday in the morning
I thought about solving world hunger.
In the afternoon I thought about curing cancer.
In the evening I thought about calling a friend.
All these things would have been good to do.
And I did essentially do them all, yesterday
in my heart,
that is to say, in my mind. 
As you can see, yesterday
I had such thoughts that would make any man proud.
And I haven’t even told you yet about the sins!
(Mike Cohen –  July  2008)


Some day you may find yourself before a magnificent gate, and you may think, “This gate is so magnificent, it must be the gate to heaven.”  But you may be mistaken.                                                                                                                                                                          Please click on this link to see how mistaken…     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euXEtGC1WJI&feature=youtu.be


The future and the past blur and bleed into each other as if the present isn’t present at all.

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