If you’re mad about her
I just hope for your sake
that she’s mad
If she’s sane, or thinks she is,
you haven’t got a prayer.
She’ll just break your crazy heart,
then go find herself some sane guy
who will eventually break hers
because he’s not mad about her.
This will drive her out of her mind.
And if you’re still mad about her then,
you just may have your chance.
(Mike Cohen – June 2012)





Funny how some flimsy things endure.  Sure,
lots of them fall apart right away
but some things manage to be flimsy for years
while bridges collapse, buildings topple, and empires fall.
Good construction is no match for good fortune
or for bad.
(Mike Cohen – Oct 2009)


In this material world there are things
and there are damn things.
Damn things are the sorts of things
that aren’t good to have.
But you can’t tell which things are damn things
till you have them for a while.
There is no certainty
but there are probabilities.
A certain proportion of things
will turn out to be damn things.
So the more things you get,
the more damn things you’ll have.
And yet, in this material world,
you are bound to want things,
to expend your energies to acquire things,
to produce, purchase, and purloin things
just so you can have them.
But once you have them you find
that for all your labor, your lechery,
and your larceny,
what you end up with is
too damn many damn things.
Now, isn’t that the damnedest thing of all?
(Mike Cohen – Feb 2006)

Poetry You Can Trust

If you believe me, you accept what I say because you think it is the truth.

If you trust me, you accept what I say whether you think it is the truth or not.

If you have faith in me, I don’t have to say anything at all.

Belief is for now, trust is for a while, faith is forever.  The catch is that nothing is forever.  So let’s just go for trust for a while.
(Mike Cohen – Apr 2014)