Poetry You Can Trust

If you believe me, you accept what I say because you think it is the truth.

If you trust me, you accept what I say whether you think it is the truth or not.

If you have faith in me, I don’t have to say anything at all.

Belief is for now, trust is for a while, faith is forever.  The catch is that nothing is forever.  So let’s just go for trust for a while.
Mike Cohen – Apr 2014)



You can’t assume that your best friend will share your sensibilities.

When you look into Sniffy’s eyes you can get the feeling that he understands you as no one else does, that he is cognizant of your frets and frustrations, that he empathizes with your pain and intuits your insoluble human dilemma of being caught between an unimaginable reality and an unrealizable imagination.  And just when you see in Sniffy’s eyes that he senses all this, he lays down at your feet and drools on your shoes to reassure you that he is just a dog.




Nothing is exactly anything else
(or even perfectly itself).
Parallels meander,
meeting at points and drifting apart.
Metaphor strikes chord and discord at once,
noting both astonishing similarities
between the fundamentally different
and fundamental differences
between the astonishingly similar.

So when she calls you “a tiger in bed,”
and you feel inclined to respond with a roar,
don’t be an ass (to use another metaphor)
but take a moment to reason
if what she said were so, what a messy truth it would be;
then simply lay back
and, if you must do something bestial,
just purr.
(Mike Cohen – June 2010)