Be it ever so… grumble


I used to sit complacently at home,
oblivious to my invidious interior.
Now, as the ceiling fan circles suspiciously overhead,
I find myself attuned to the obstinacy of the ottoman,
the sofa’s subterfuge,
the loquacious lamps spreading rumors and telling salacious secrets.
I sense the enmity of the end tables,
resent the belligerence of the bureau,
am incensed at the animosity of the armoire,
and oh, the most deplorable of all
is that malicious mirror leering from the wall!
(Mike Cohen – Nov 2011)



It starts subtly as an innuendo
like a flock of geese approaching or a train.
Then it gradually swells to a crescendo
driving every other notion from your brain.

And the force of this rapture is looming
from front, back, below, and above,
and the thrust of its thrall is consuming
so that all you dare call it is love.

Yet despite the great power amassing,
there’s a sense that what waxes will wane,
that this passion is all just in passing,
that it’s something you cannot sustain.

Even the most potent notion
may be destined to dwindle, then cease
like the loud, but unlasting, commotion
of a train or a flock of geese.

         (Mike Cohen – Oct 2000)


          ALL NATURAL

I am made of all natural materials,
as is ultimately everything else…
my foot and the shoe thereon,
and all that shines in my eyes,
from moonlight to neon
to sunsets enhanced with chemical additives,
all essentially natural materials. 

Wood whittled remains wood. 
Clay fashioned remains clay. 
Even plastics can be traced back to their organic origins. 
Man creates nothing.  
Man touches, man clutches,
man grasps, man rasps,
man galvanizes, man homogenizes, man synthesizes,
but man creates nothing.  
Wood whittled remains wood. 
Clay fashioned remains clay.

And I am, like Adam,
made of all natural materials.
(Mike Cohen – Dec 2007)